Russian interrogative pronouns

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142: Who and what in Russian - Interrogative Pronouns: кто, что

We’ve already covered Russian personal, demonstrative, and possessive pronouns, as well as reflexive pronoun себя, reflexive possessive pronoun свой, and emphatic definite pronoun сам. So you already know quite a bit about the Russian pronouns, but… not everything yet. Study the lesson »

027: Questions: who? what? where?

In the previous lesson we have learned to ask questions in Russian by changing the intonation in speaking and adding a question mark in writing. But often it is not enough, sometimes to ask a question you need to use the interrogative pronouns like “who?”, “what?”, “where?” and so on. We will be covering all types of pronouns in detail later, today let’s just learn a few more simple ways to ask questions. Study the lesson »

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