Lesson 101

How do you say that in Russian?


Today let’s learn some basic Russian phrases which will help you to ask Russian speakers about the words or phrases you don’t know, don’t understand, or don’t know how to say.

Listen to the audio and repeat:

Как э́то говори́тся по-ру́сски?
How is it in Russian?

Как бу́дет по-ру́сски …?
How do you say in Russian (How it will be in Russian) …?

Как сказа́ть по-ру́сски …?
How to say in Russian …?

Что зна́чит … ?
What does … mean?

Что э́то зна́чит – … ?
What does it mean – … ?

Я не зна́ю, как э́то бу́дет по-ру́сски…
I don’t know how to say it in Russian…

Russian Pod 101
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4 comments on “101 – How do you say that in Russian?”

  1. abhijit says:


    Your lessons are really helpful for non-native learners.

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Hello abhijit,

      Thank you for the comment, it’s important for us to know that we help people.

      Good luck and feel free to ask your questions.

  2. abhijit says:


    audio tape for this lesson is not working.

    1. Learn Russian Step by Step says:

      Sorry. We fixed it.

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