043 – The Genitive case (plural nouns, recap)

We are done with the most of Genitive case for now, although will come back to it later a few times. This is a recap lesson about the Genitive with plural nouns, to recall what you’ve learned and help you to reinforce this knowledge.

The nouns in the Genitive are highlighted.

У нас нет де́нег.
We don’t have money.

Э́то маши́на мои́х роди́телей.
This is my parent’s car.

Ра́ди друзе́й он гото́в на всё.
For the sake of his friends he is ready for everything.

Today’s vocabulary:

де́нег -> де́ньги – money (noun, plural)

маши́на – car, auto

роди́телей -> роди́тели – parents (noun, plural)

ра́ди – for the sake of, for (preposition, used only with the Genitive)

друзе́й -> друзья́ – friends (plural)

гото́в – ready

всё – everything, all

Practice today’s phrases and vocabulary with the audio track.

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