043 – The Genitive case with plural nouns – Recap


Last few lessons we have dedicated to the Genitive case with plural nouns. This is a recap lesson where we will look at more examples of the Genitive with plural nouns. It will help you to recall what you’ve already learned and to reinforce your knowledge.

Read the sentences and try to explain to yourself the use of the Genitive case. The nouns in the Genitive are highlighted with their prepositions.

У нас нет де́нег.
We don’t have money.

Э́то маши́на мои́х роди́телей.
This is my parent’s car.

Ра́ди друзе́й он гото́в на всё.
For the sake of his friends he is ready for everything.

Мы купи́ли пода́рки для дете́й.
We bought gifts for the kids.

У тебя́ есть крем для рук?
Do you have a hand cream?

Мы добра́лись без пробле́м.
We got there without any problems.

Ско́лько ме́тров от тех камне́й до сю́да?
How many meters from those stones to here?

Мы купи́ли немно́го фру́ктов.
We bought some fruits.

Practice today’s examples with the audio track.

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