095 – Future tense with imperfective verbs

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We’ve already covered the Present and the Past tense on Russian verbs. Today we’ll start with the Future tense and learn how to form the Future tense of Russian imperfective verbs.

The Future tense is formed with an imperfective verb if the action will not be completed of it will be repeated.

The formula of the Future tense with imperfective verbs is:

the conjugated verb быть (to be) + infinitive of the imperfective verb

So to use the Future tense, you need to know the conjugation of the verb быть in the Future tense. Let’s learn it now:

я бу́ду – I will
ты бу́дешь – you will
он/она/оно бу́дет – he/she/it will
мы бу́дем – we will
вы бу́дете – you (plural or formal) will
они бу́дут – they will

Now let’s practice with some examples:

Я бу́ду ждать от тебя́ письма́.
I will wait a letter from you.

Ты бу́дешь у́жинать?
Will you have a dinner?

Она бу́дет приходи́ть к тебе́ ка́ждый день.
She will come to you every day.

Мы не бу́дем тебе́ меша́ть.
We won’t disturb you.

Вы бу́дете скуча́ть по нам?
Will you miss us?

Они́ не бу́дут тебе́ доверя́ть по́сле э́того.
They will not trust you after that.

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