125 – Declension of Russian adjectives: soft-ending adjectives


In the previous lesson we’ve covered the declension of Russian hard-ending adjectives. Today we’ll have a look at the declension of soft-ending adjectives.

The soft-ending adjectives are those that in their singular masculine form end in -ий (always unstressed):


The adjectival declension with ending -ий:

case masculine feminine neuter plural
Nominative си́ний си́няя си́нее си́ние
Genitive си́него си́ней си́него си́них
Dative си́нему си́ней си́нему си́ним
си́ний си́нюю си́нее си́ние
си́него си́нюю си́нее си́них
Instrumental си́ним си́ней /
си́ним си́ними
Prepositional си́нем си́ней си́нем си́них

Pay attention:

– If the adjective modifies an animate masculine or plural noun, it takes the ending of the Genitive case.
– The ending -ею of feminine adjectives in the Instrumental case is old-fashioned, but sometimes you can come accross it in modern literature.

Listen to the audio of today’s lesson and practice all the adjectives with it.

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