072 – Dative & Genitive – Practice

Practice makes perfect. Today we are going to practice and reinforce the knowledge you’ve got about the Dative and Genitive case.

Here are some phrases where nouns and pronouns are used in the Genitive and Dative case. Read the sentences and try to explain to yourself why the certain case was used. Let’s begin:

Я не ве́рю его́ слова́м.
I don’t trust his words.

Хо́чешь моро́женого*?
Do you want ice-cream?

Мне ка́жется, я опа́здываю.
It seems to me I’m late.

Она́ отдала́ ему́ мои́ ве́щи.
She gave him my things.

Де́тям нра́вится ходи́ть по лу́жам. –
Children love to walk through the puddles.

По́езд бы́стро мча́лся нам навстре́чу.
The train quickly sped towards us.

У на́ших знако́мых* нет дете́й.
Our acquaintances don’t have children.

Тебе́ пришло́ письмо́ от роди́телей.
You have received a letter from the parents.

* – the words мороженое (ice-cream) and знакомый (acquaintance) are nouns, but they look like adjectives and change in cases like adjectives

Today’s vocabulary:

ве́рю -> ве́рить – to believe, to trust (1st. person singular, present tense)

слова́м -> сло́во – word (noun, n.)

моро́женое – ice-cream (noun, n.)

ка́жется -> каза́ться – to seem (3d person singular, present tense)

опа́здываю -> опа́здывать – to be late (1st person singular, present tense)

отдала́ -> отда́ть – to give away (3d person singular, past tense)

лу́жам -> лу́жа – puddle (noun, f.)

по́езд -> train (noun, m.)

мча́лся -> мча́ться – to speed, to rush (verb, imperfective, 1st. person singular, past tense)

навстре́чу -> toward (preposition, used only with the Dative)

знако́мых -> знако́мый – acquaintance, friend (noun, m.)

Practice all the expamples of today’s lesson with the audio track.

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