074 – Commands for the 1st and 3d persons

Besides the way we discussed in the last lesson Russians have some more ways of forming the Imperative. Let’s learn them today.

1. With the particle пусть

It is used to form the third-person Imperative. The formula is:

пусть + (subject) + 3d person verb in the present or future


Пусть он схо́дит в магази́н. – Let him go the the shop.

Пусть они́ е́дут куда́ хотя́т.
Let them go where they want to.

Пусть бу́дет как есть.
Let it be as it is.

2. With the verb дава́ть

This way is used to form the first-person command. The formula is:

дава́й/дава́йте + (subject) + the verb in the future


Дава́й пойдём в кино́!
Let’s go to the cinema!

Дава́й, я помогу́ тебе́!
(Will you) let me help you!

Дава́йте пообе́даем в рестора́не!
Let’s have a dinner in the restaurant!

Дава́йте не бу́дем шуме́ть!
Let’s not to make a noise!

Use давай referring to two persons or speaking in the informal tone, use давайте referring to more than two persons or speaking in the formal tone.

3. Using the Future tense

The 1st person plural verbs (usually perfective verbs) in the Future tense can be used as a command:

Схо́дим в кино́?
Let’s go to the cinema?

Поговори́м по-ру́сски!
Let’s speak Russian!

With some verbs addressing a number of persons or speaking in the formal tone the ending -те must be added:

Пойдём туда́ вме́сте?
Let’s go there together?

Пойдёмте пообе́даем в рестора́не!
Let’s come have lunch in a restaurant!

Listen to the audio track and practice all today’s examples.

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