128 – Colors in Russian

Today we take a break from the Russian grammar and learn some basic Russian words.

This lesson is about colors in Russian. Some of them you might already know from our previous lessons, and some of them will be new for you.

Colors in Russian

бе́лый – white

жёлтый – yellow

ора́нжевый – orange

кра́сный – red

ро́зовый – pink

зелёный – green

си́ний – dark blue

голубо́й – blue

фиоле́товый – purple

кори́чневый – brown

чёрный – black

Practice Russian colors

All these words are adjectives and, as you already know, the adjectives take the gender, number and case of the subject they describe. Let’s practice to use the colors in Russian with different nouns.

Я люблю́ бе́лые ро́зы.
I love white roses. (plural, Accusative)

У него́ се́рые глаза́.
He has gray eyes. (plural, Accusative)

К до́му подъе́хала кра́сная маши́на.
A red car drove up to the house. (feminine, Nominative)

Э́тот кот – бе́лый.
This cat is white. (masculine, Nominative)

К э́тому пла́тью подойду́т чёрные ту́фли.
The black shoes will suit well to this dress. (plural, Nominative)

How to ask “What color is … ?”

Russian Pod 101

In order to ask ‘What color is anything?’ start your phrase with Како́го цве́та …?. Pay attention that the word ‘цвет’ (color) is in the Genitive case – ‘цве́та’, so the names of the colors that come along with it must be used in the Genitive as well.

Како́го цве́та её пла́тье?
Оно́ кра́сное. Её пла́тье кра́сного цве́та.
What color is her dress?
It’s red. Her dress is red (of red color).

Како́го цве́та у неё глаза́?
Они́ зелёные. Её глаза́ зелёного цве́та.
What color are her eyes?
They are green. Her eyes are green (of green color).

Како́го цве́та не́бо?
Голубо́го. Не́бо голубо́е.
What color is the sky?
Blue. The sky is blue.

Practice all today’s examples with the audio track.


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