077 – Spelling rules: О, Ы and Я after some consonants

Since the Russian language is one of those where the words doesn’t sound as they are written, it creates confusion not only for those who is learning it, but sometimes for the Russians themselves. Here are some rules that Russian kids learn at school and that will help you to avoid mistakes in writing in Russian.

– Russians never use Ы after the letters: Ж, Ш, Щ, Ч, Г, К, Х, you should write И in these cases.

– They also never use Я after Ж, Ш, Щ, Ч, Г, К, Х and Ц, write А in these cases.

– After the consonants Ж, Ш, Щ, Ч, Ц, the vowel О, if unstressed, changes to Е.

Here are some examples of the words where you might need to remember these rules:

жить – to live
проща́ть – to forgive
встреча́ть – to meet
шить – to sew
оди́ннадцать – eleven
рели́гия – religion
ти́хий / ти́хая / ти́хие – quiet
хоро́ший / хоро́шая / хоро́шие – good

Listen to today’s vocabulary and practice the pronunciation.

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