069 – Perfective and imperfective verbs – Practice

Let’s look at some more examples of perfective and imperfective verbs.

Чита́ть (imperfective) / прочита́ть (perfective) – to read

Ты чита́ла э́ту кни́гу? – Did you read this book? (did you ever read it?)

Ты прочита́ла э́ту кни́гу? – Have you read this book? (you was supposed to read it)

Я чита́ла, когда́ зазвони́л телефо́н. – I was reading when the telephone rang. (I was reading – unfinished action)

Я чита́ла э́ту кни́гу два ме́сяца. – I read this book two months. (a lenght of time)

Покупа́ть (imperfective) / купи́ть (perfective) – to buy

Мне на́до купи́ть аспири́н. – I need to buy aspirin. (I need to buy it once)

Он ка́ждый день покупа́ет све́жие газе́ты. – He buys latest newspapers every day. (repetition)

Ты когда́-нибу́дь покупа́л э́тот йо́гурт? – Have you ever bought this yogurt? (just a fact, you was not supposed to buy it ever)

Ты купи́л йо́гурт? – Have you bought yogurt? (you was supposed to buy it)

Понима́ть (imperfective) / поня́ть (perfective) – to understand

Никогда́ ничего́ не понима́ла в маши́нах. – I never understand anything about cars. (probably it wasn’t necessary for me)

Я тебя́ не по́нял. – I didn’t understood you. (I had to, but I didn’t)

Ты меня́ понима́ешь? – Do you understand me? (right now)

Practice today’s examples with the audio track.

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