About us

This site is designed for everyone starting learning Russian including absolute beginners.

Step by step, we take you from the very basics to more advanced topics, covering the most important Russian grammar points and useful phrases.

We do not promise that you will be fluent in Russian within a few months. On the contrary, the lessons are designed in such a way as to take no more than 5-10 minutes a day for learning. The rest of the time you can practice what you’ve learned and study by yourself – learning new words, practicing conjugation of Russian verbs, listening to any “Learn Russian” podcast or taking free Russian lessons on other sites.

Each lesson includes an audio track in slow spoken Russian recorded by a native speaker. All contents of this site are free and published in three languages ​​- English, French and Spanish.

We appreciate any comments and suggestions. Good luck in learning!

Important notes:

This site could not live without these people: Luis Iglesias, Louis Julia, Stefan Hoareau.

Thank you friends for your invaluable contribution.

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  1. Robert Gore says:

    I want to learn how to speak Russian

  2. i need to learn russian on line is it possible free

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